Cognizant Life Art

One of the core offers Carpe Momentum Advisory™ is Cognizant Life Art Body of Knowledge (BoK). A set of life functions and factors to enrich people with, in a way, a full set of life’s capabilities.

Life is complex as it is these days.

  • We find ourselves unhappy and hurting.
  • Unhappy with what we do not have.
  • Longing for achievement of our goals.
  • Worried about a million things.
  • Are in a constant availability and connectivity mode.
  • Fully immersed in our desires.
  • And maybe the worst factor is that we do not notice.

In todays fast-paced world, increasing numbers of people are feeling exhausted, over-whelmed and discouraged. Additionally, many of us are living on auto-pilot. Blink, and the workday has ended, without as much of being aware of what has occurred. Wake up, and another week or month have gone by, and we may feel like we have not been present. Celebrate a holiday and realize another year has passed and we feel we were not able to do the things we really wanted to do. Lose a loved one and realize how short life is. The time has come for an inside-out approach that empowers people to thrive in the face of ever-increasing stress and instability.

Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle by Transforming Ourselves

The making of a skillful and sustainable life. Change and transformation towards skillful life

Learn the essential competencies for sustaining peak awareness, creativity and motivation.

Inspire the Best in Yourself and Others.

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