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March 8, 2017


Carpe Momentum Advisory is offering Cognizant Life Art Seminars:

leadership training for the mind

Cognizant Life Art Seminars

Attend one of our seminar and check for the next available dates here.

Please contact us if you’d like to set up individual or training for yourself or your leadership team.

Cognizant Life Art Seminar Content

Ineffective and Unsustainable Lifestyle

  • Un-Awareness of ineffective and unsustainable lifestyle
  • The Making of ineffective and unsustainable lifestyle
  • Change and Transformation through the Cognizant Life Art Framework

Awareness-based Life Art Framework

  • Life Art Functions
    • Technical – Continuous acquisition, application and improvement of skills
      • Quality Management
      • Best Practices
      • Management
    • Collaboration- Communicate, foster talents, use resources effectively
      • Communication
      • Foster
      • Resources
    • Strategy – Develop vision, define targets, life design
      • Vision
      • Target
      • Design
    • Self – Ability to leverage and reflect. Priorities and Time Management
      • Leverage
      • Time / Priority
      • Learning & Reflection
  • Empowered Factors of Cognizant Life Art
    • Wisdom
      • Understanding – Viewing situations as they are,not they appears to be
      • Reflection – Are you sure? What am I doing? Hello Habits! ‘Thinking the speech of the mind’
    • Ethical Conduct
      • Communication – Truth, Kindness – ‘Speaking in a truthful and non-hurtful way’
      • Actions – Compassion, Coaching, Mentoring, Equal Rights – ‘Acting in a non-harmful way’
      • Livelihood – Meaningfulness, Work without transgressing your ideals of compassion, Be awake to the consequences of the way you live
    • Concentration
      • Mindfulness – See things for what they are with clear mind
      • Effort – Prevention, Managing, Creation, Fostering – ‘Making an effort to improve’
      • Evenness – Stability and Stillness

Who should attend

anyone, really!

Participants skills developed & acquired

  • life competencies such as emotional intelligence, self awareness, self-regulation, empathy and compassion
  • Improved self management, strategic, management and cooperative competencies
  • Practical life practices

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to

  • describe the awareness-based cognizant life art program and framework
  • adapt, utilize and apply concepts & practices for day to day living
  • work towards more skillful life


interactive presentation, roundtable dialog, practice and reflection breakout sessions


  • foundation seminar 3 days
  • intensive seminar 5 days
  • practitioner seminar 1 day
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